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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We May Never Be The Same

The Teen Daughter is now the proud owner of a Pink Razr phone.

I got to looking at that thing and said "Dang...I want one of these."


Busy Mom said...

I want one, too!

SistaSmiff said...

Those things are nice. No wonder they're so expensive. Thank goodness we got us a nice lil deal with the T Mobile people. No way we could've or would've paid $300 for one of those.

This was her birthday present. Now the older son, who supposedly didn't care about stuff like that is saying "I want one."

WonderDawg said...

Cingular offers the Razor for $54.00 (plus a $50.00 rebate) when upgrading and adding the media package.

Just scored one for Mrs. WonderDawg.

sista said...

It was something like that with this one...the whole rebate thing and all that. I opted not to go along for the trip to get it. I let Dad deal with that!

saraclark said...

What you really need is Chocolate.