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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Buck (or Buddy Alan) Stops Here

I have a date with Eddie Stubbs tonight. Eddie's doing a 5 hour tribute tonight on WSM Radio (650 on your am dial!) to Buck Owens. There will be a lot of spayshul guests sharing their thoughts and memories on the Buckster, who died last week....Ferlin Husky, Roy Clark, Marty Stuart (why of course...can't have nothing without Marty throwing HIS two cents in) Jim Lauderdale and even Tom Brumley, who was the steel guitarists for the Buckaroos during their heyday. You can also listen to it on Sirius Satellite Radio or online. Should be a good un.

Speaking of Roy Clark, from what I hear, there was not lots of love lost between Buck and Roy. When "Hee Haw" began, Buck was supposed to be the "stahhh" but Roy, being funnier and such a great comedic talent, kinda stole it from him. I don't think that was the thing that caused the friction though.

Roy was known to indulge in alcoholic beverages and other activities. Buck was a teetotaler. Roy often rolled into the studio during tapings when he felt like it. This did not make Buck happy, for Buck was into gittin r done and getting out so he could count all his money, of which he had lots.

Buck kinda flipped out there for awhile in the 70's. Buck was married, for about five minutes, to Jana Jae, the girl that used to do commercials for Wal Mart, playing that blue fiddle, hideously, I might add. He married her and about 5 minutes later, kicked her out, then took out an ad in Billboard begging her to come back to him. (Why, Buck, why?!?!) Seems Miz Jae did go back, again, for about 5 minutes, and then later told the press "Buck was mentally ill while I was married to him." Obviously, or he wouldn't have married her. Buck did go through a rough time after his best friend/musical partner Don Rich died in a 1974 motorcycle accident, so we can forgive him for his horrible lapse in judgement.

I got hit on once by Buck's son, Buddy Alan. (I know women everywhere will be so envious of me) Back in 1990, me and some friends snuck our way into the Country Radio Seminar. Party central, I tell you. (My dad was one of the founders of this auspicious event, yet, somehow never mentioned all the drunkeness that occurred there. No wonder he'd be gone all during CRS week!) I was newly married, and at the time, Mr. Smiff had a record deal and single out and I guess I thought I was going to assist his up and coming career, knowing Buddy managed some of his Daddy's radio stations out west. I was all of 21 and as Minnie Pearl would say, didn't know nothin' and didn't suspect nothin. Let's just say ol' Buddy weren't interested in Mr. Smiff. Thank God and Roy Clark I was able to get away before I got a Buckaroo Gropin'.


MissyButterfly said...

Loved your blog..Especially the part about Buddy Alan Owens...Sounds like him--He did the very same thing to me way back in 1974 at the Palomino Club when his daddy was doing a concert there.

SistaSmiff said...

Awww...a sisterhood of Buddy Alan Hits...and I don't mean records. If we were talking about Buddy's hits, it would be "hit" in the singular form, and a minor one at that.

missmanners said...

Sounds like you're bragging to me.

dawnette said...

Buddy Alan....still the same in 2007!!! He knows just how to 'work' it...and he sure does!!! Now he's 'workin' his 'hits' in Bakersfield.

Anonymous said...

You definitely need spiritual help with your sense of self esteem. Your need to dis other people to make yourself feel better is apparent.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're all mad cause Buddy didn't follow through on his "hit". He was just a young whipper snapper felling his oats amoung other things.When I was on a radio interview with him at the Kings County fair,in about 1968/69, we spoke of his mother, Bonnie and their family and I was very impressed with him and his family values, as well as his talent. Bonnie had a big influence on him,more so than Buck or Merle.I knew Bonnie only slightly and found her to be a very sweet person, good moral values which she was passing on to her sons.Buddy was a young guy just trying to fit in and to find himself in the environment he was in!! California Jaycee Senator from Porterville,CA Red S.