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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wedding Bells for Rusty

Isn't it precious that Rusty Yates is remarrying this weekend??? I think a great wedding gift for the new Mrs. Yates would be stretch mark cream, a new copy of "What To Expect When You're Expecting", maybe a Lithium prescription and a two by four to knock ol' Rusty in the head here and there.

I still think that low life Rusty bears part of the responsibility of what happened to his children and he should be doing time in prison. Knowing his wife was clinically PSYCHOTIC, he insisted on keeping her perpetually pregnant, had her live in a friggin RV, homeschool (don't even get me started on that topic) all while she was taking care of her father, who was dying of Alzheimer's.

Andrea should've drowned Rusty instead.


Anonymous said...

I agree, he should of got prison time for that. instead hes free to do it again. Next victims

Francesca said...

I live in Houston and was depressed about this case for many months...it was so unbelievable..and then I got pissed. Rusty Yates is a moron! For a NASA engineer with a supposedly decent IQ, he sure is lacking in commmon sense. I read an article in our local paper this morning and the story ended with Andrea "doesn't need this distraction" when refering to his nuptials right before her impending trial. I thought: Give me a f---ing break! How about NOBODY needed the distraction of those precious children being murdered. If ya ask me, Andrea, Rusty AND his new (naive) wife should all be COMMITTED (to a mental facility that is!)

Anonymous said...

This guy is a moran! He just got a clean slate to do it again... He's sick.. She should of drowned him. His new wife will be in the same boat 5 years down the line. He obviously knows how to find vunerable women and when hes tired of them, he drugs them and then pushes them off the edge of sanity. He's guilty no matter if he moves on with his new wife or life. Wedding Bells won't last forever. He should be in jail. He knew he put his children in harms way and did not think twice about it. Gave Andrea help my a--.

Anonymous said...

Amen to all the comments above. I had postpartam depression also and I decided I could not go through that again.I decided no more children. No man on this earth can feel what a woman feels during that period of her life. I feel so bad for those babies that were lost because Andrea had a sickness but I also agree that "Sweet, I will stand by my wife, moran" Rusty Yates needs a visectomy.

Anonymous said...

He remarried in the same chucrch where they held his children's funeral. He is a douche.