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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh K. T. Oslin, Where Art Thou

About 19 years ago, a singer/songwriter type blew into Twang Town from New York City with her song about "80's Ladies." Kay Toinette aka "K. T." Oslin was a seasoned commercial jingle singer and seems to me, she had done some Broadway work before coming to Nashville.

I remember there were some who cried foul when her nostalgic song about being grown up women hit the country charts. I know my own mother griped because "she ain't country!" Truthfully, I kinda thought KT was a little snooty and uppity for country music myself. Those silly gloves she wore and all that feminisim attitude she had. Pfft....I didn't relate to the song about burning bras and being the "girls of the 50's and 60's" in 1987. Heck no...I was 18, a size 6 and still had black hair and just didn't relate to nary a thing that song was talking about. I never gave a hiatal hernia about that 80's Ladies song....until about 5 minutes ago.

Listening to XM's "America-Classic Country" (Channel 10 to be exact) and they just played "80's Ladies." The lyrics that got to me.....

We've been educated, we got liberated And that's complicated matters with men
Oh we've said I do and we've signed I don't And we've sworn we'd never do that again
Oh we've burned our bras and we've burned our dinners
And we've burned at candles at both ends
And we've got some children who look just like
the way we did back then
Oh but we're all grown up now All grown up
None of us can tell you quite how

I'm just too sentimental. I'm sitting here bawling my eyes out, feeling pretty stupid. PMS maybe....I don't know. What a great song. Sorry I had negative thoughts about you K. T. At 37, I get you now.

Where is KT anyway????


Anonymous said...

I like K.T.

Anonymous said...

Hi K.T. I turned 60 yesterday, March 17th. I was looking thru my cd's and came across "80's Ladies", and enjoyed hearing it after a long time. I still relate with your song and other songs but I still feel connected to the 80's Ladies. Sure would like to see you back with your entertainment. Where r U??? Love ya K.T.!