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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Carlene Carter

I haven't seen this in the news anywhere, but happened upon it on another website. Carlene Carter has gotten married again.

Her amazing country music pedigree aside (mom June Carter Cash and dad is the still hot and charming Carl Smith) Carlene Carter is one of my favorite singer/songwriter types. Highly underrated as a songwriter, she has written some brilliant songs through the years. "Easy From Now On" (a #1 hit for Emmylou back in the 70's) has one of the best and most poetic lines I've ever heard in a song...."I'll be flying high in a fandangled sky"...

Carlene's had her fair share of ups and downs in recent years. She has buried her mother, stepfather, sister, longtime boyfriend and step mother, all in the span of less than two years. She's fought the law and the law won, but, she's clean and sober and I saw her brilliantly portray her mother this past summer in the play "Wildwood Flowers." Good for her.

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