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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Grammies, Schmammies

I'm really trying not to be nervous today about this whole Grammy thing. Mr. Smiff and the guys have as good a shot as any of them as far as winning goes. They've had a great year....have great visibility and respect of music industry people (who does all the voting). It's slightly nervewracking.

They went to some pre-Grammy party last night. I asked if he saw anybody famous. The only person he mentioned was Jeff Hanna (nominated for Song of the Year for "Bless The Broken Road") Love Jeff, but we've seen him twice since Saturday!!!

People have asked why I did not go to LA for this most auspicious occasion...several reasons...

1. Three kids in school. I would've had to find three different places for them to stay. (Nobody in their right mind would keep them all at once!)

2. Mr. Smiff and the guys have to fly out tonight about midnight in order to make a show in Palatka, FL tomorrow.

3. The Grammy Show starts at 1:30 in the afternoon. My ADD wouldn't handle that well. For some reason, I'm not on the edge of my seat for Best New Age Spoken Word Liner Notes.

4. I probably would not have even gotten to sit with Mr. Smiff and I would not have been able to fly out there with him.

5. I am originally from Southern California and have a number of family members there. I have not seen them in 20 years. There would not have been time to visit and the thought of being there and not being able to see them....Grammy or not, that would've bothered me.

I do hope The Grascals can get their picture made with 50Cent or somebody like that. What a photo op.

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