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Friday, February 10, 2006

More Evidence of God's Residence

I don't see no heavy snow yet. Where in the crap is it? I even did a snowdance outside the Tiger Market, er, excuse me, the "On The Go" market or whatever theyr'e calling it this week. I ran in to make a purchase, came back out and stopped on the sidewalk and broke it down a little bit. Princess Daughter began to scream and holler, ordering me to stop it. I'm sorry, but I was feeling the city breakin' and everybody shakin' up a staying alive. When the mood hits me, there is no stopping me.

Everybody and their cousin was at Krogers. Sheesh. The thing I noticed in most people's baskets and then again at the Tiger/On The Go place was beer. Forget the bread and milk. If they're going to be snowed in, they're going to be drunk and snowed in.

On the news, I can't remember if it was Channel 2 or 4, a reporter was in Krogers in Williamson County. He reported that one of the big sellers was cat litter. He said "Here in Williamson County, people buy cat litter to use in their trunks, on their sidewalks..." As if those of us in Sumner County aren't worthy of using something cats normally take a dump in to give us low lifes outside of Williamson County traction, in one form or another, during this massive blizzard we're expecting.

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