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Thursday, February 23, 2006

This Is Love

I had to go to the dentist yesterday to get my teeth cleaned. I've gotten to where I dread the dentist because they tend to want to drill my teeth and then me pay them for that. I think it should be the other way around. I got way more than my teeth scraped and cleaned yesterday though.

I got to the office a few minutes before my appointment. There was a sign on the front desk telling me they were at lunch and would be back at 1:30 so, sit down and wait.
I found me a People magazine and was reading the latest about Brad and Angelina's "love" when the door opens and a man and woman, who appeared to be in their mid to late 60's, came in. It was obvious that the lady was not well. The man was behind her and had his arms around her waist guiding her through the door, helping her to walk. I'm not a medical person but I would guess the lady probably suffers from Alzheimers or has had a serious stroke at some point. She was dressed rather nice in a velour-type sweatsuit and even had earrings on. After he got her up the stairs and through the door, which was quite an ordeal, the man sat the woman down and he sat in the chair next to her. Once he got situated, he sat back and looked at her, smiled and tenderly put his hand on her cheek. He was talking to her and she just looked at him, not able to really talk to him but it seemed she was hanging on every word.

I have no idea who this couple is but I tell you what, they reminded me of what love and marriage are really about.

Watching The Bachelor the other night, Travis, in trying to make his decision about which bimbo to bring home to Mama, said something like "It's all about my feelings at this point." Poor guy. If he builds who he's going to spend the rest of his life with based on feelings, it's not going to be a strong union. Your feelings change from moment to moment. Love is a choice.

It's day after day, year after year, sickness, health and taking your wife to the dentist to get her broken tooth fixed, probably caused by a fall and being her voice because she can longer speak for herself and treating her, even in her frail state, as though she were the Queen. It was precious.


Kerry Woo said...

Sista -

Great story and nice observation skills - I guess I see so many bad examples of love in public, that this one for me is pretty rich -

Thanks for sharing it - I posted it over at blog as well - http://wonderdawg777.blogspot.com/



saraclark said...

It's true. Dating and love are the easy parts of a relationship. It is when your're old or sick or hurling body fluids all over the place that you can understand true commitment to/for someone.This counts for kids, spouses and older parents.

chyman said...

Thanks for the beautiful story about "love." I just started posting my own blog, and like to just look around from time to time. I really enjoyed reading a few of your posts. You are very funny, and make some good points at the same time. Keep it up, I'll be checking back on the regular - chyman@blogspot.com