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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Angels Sent Straight From Heaven

Fun night for my sister, the Deacon's Wife, last night. Her two children were full of quotes and questions for her.

Her nine year old son inquired as to what a "virgin" was. That's not really too far out. Pretty normal question for a kid that age, but, I do believe it caught her by surprise. I wish I could've heard her answer. This is the same kid who not long ago, tried his hand at writing.

That was soon followed up with the announcement from her soon to be 4 year old daughter that she would like a new dog and would like its name to be "Ass."

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Tony Arnold said...

Thanks for posting at my place. My daughter is five, in public school, and hasn't brought home any bad words...yet...

Although for about a year and a half we hoped she never said truck in public. She had a little trouble with T's. They sounded like F's.