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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Birthin' Babies

Seeing Jeff Ray's new baby and his precious little family and how stinkin' good Mrs. Ray looks got me to reminiscing about how I looked immediately following the births of my younguns.

Funny thing... I dont/won't show a picture of me after #1. (Think Roseanne Barr) Instead, I'll show a picture of Mr. Smiff immediately following the birth of #1. He kinda has the deer in the headlights look and oh...nice mullet too!

The second time around, I had my dawling dawta and I don't look exactly like I'm ready for a black tie affair here, but, not too bad. I felt better after she was born cause she was the easiest of the three. 2 pushes and there she was.

Now the one where I'm not facing the camera, the hair held up just lovely and you can't really tell the ordeal I had just been through. The doctor that delivered #2 Son was nicknamed Doogie Howser by me (and it turned out, the entire nursing staff of Centennial. Here I thought I was being original). Doogie Howser wouldn't let me have my epidural for a long time. By the time I got it, I was in mucho pain and they couldn't get it in. They were hitting nerves and all sorts of things. I finally told them to get thee away from me, I would birth drug-less.

What I DIDN'T know was that I was carrying a 9 lb 7 1/2 oz, 22 inch long baby. Look at the size of that head of his.

As Melanie said in "Gone WIth The Wind", the happiest days are when babies come. I'm just glad I won't be bringing anymore.

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