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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A One and A Two

I usually take morning and afternoon break with about 7-8 others, both men and women, who work at the same company I work at. Most of us don't work in the same area, but, somehow, we manage to get together every morning at 9:30 and then in the afternoon at 2:30. As you can imagine, we cover a lot of ground in our little discussions and manage to solve the worlds' problems from our table. It's usually the same bunch: Kenny, Tim, Larry, Cindy, George, Melinda, Scott, me and sometimes one or two others grace us.

This morning's discussion floored me. Kenny told something so shocking, I kept accusing him of making it up. He swears it's the truth.

How we got on this topic, I do not remember, but, in the course of the chit chat, Kenny said that when you build a house, it is important that you put pieces of tin around the holes in your vents because construction people tend to relieve themselves on the duct work. He also shared that construction people will (I don't know any other subtle way to say it) sometimes take dumps down chimneys!!!

Please tell me this is not true and Kenny was just messing with us. He has done electrical contract work and swears this really happens.

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saraclark said...

I don't know about Kenny's details, but when my sister was building her house, we had a real problem with the workers peeing in the showers/tubs once they were installed while the rest of the house was under construction.

I was with her as she had a loud and ugly conversation with her contractor that if it continued, she would fine him for each occurance and would not pay. We also posted signs in Spanish and English in the bathrooms that said there was color changing powder in the bathtubs and other places that would show if they were used. We sprinkled Comet around.

What else happened? we will never know, but the next day the contractor supplied the site with a Port-a-Potty.