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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Perks and Coifs

Mr. Smiff and band played a rather uppity soiree at Chancellor Gee's house Tuesday night. Sounds like a swinging party, replete with booze, good eats and a special guest appearance by Shawn Camp with the guys on "I'll Go Stepping Too" that I hear was rather "interesting." The gathering was to honor all the artists who had played at the Kennedy Center Country Music Festival.

It dawned on me the next day when my sister asked why I didn't go to the above mentioned event. Yeah! I don't recollect anybody saying I could go and because I'm a nice girl, I didn't invite myself. I asked Mr. Smiff about it and he said I could've gone had I asked. ??????????

Ok, so they aren't huge stars, but, dangit, I'm ready for some perks of being a "wife." I've been a musicians wife for almost 17 years and I'm waiting for the perks to begin. Am I out of line to think maybe I should get some sort of little extry excitement from my rather mundane, matronly sort of existence of going to work every morning, wrangling my three kids? (Mr. Smiff reads this sometimes so I have to insert here that I'm just thinking out loud, honey...not trying to make you look like a bad husband.) I mean, they're gone a lot, just about every weekend and to be able to go to a swanky, outdoor doing in Belle Meade would be rather fun..maybe?

If I'm not worth a glass of wine on Chancellor Gee's lawn, then I AM worth a hairdo and color. So I went to the SA-lon yesterday evening and had the wonderful Samantha work my coif. I know you're wondering what a dumpy, matronly thing like me is doing going to a place like SalonFX. I mean, the hippest of the hip and beautiful go there and I certainly don't blend in. I certainly can't afford it but I go cause I feel good when I leave. Samantha made me look almost purty.

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Tony Arnold said...

Being a VU grad, I think you should have been invited. I have never been to the Chancellor's resident and would love a report.

VU traditionally holds a freshman function there, but somehow I did not find out until after the fact.

Oh well.