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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Rainbow After The Rain

I was a little depressed about the state of prime time, network television tonight. This was all because of tonight's "American Idol." Mostly, I blame Taylor Hicks, who is my favorite in this years competition, and his perfectly awful butcher job he did on "Country Roads." I love that song and I even have it on my mp3 player. Taylor is so good but tonight he just plained sucked. He could've laid such a hurtin' on say, a George Jones song or a Merle Haggard song, but, noooo..I'm sure everybody's favorite phone sex guy, Kenny Rogers, encouraged it. I mean, come on...Kenny IS the undisputed king of country music, after all.

So I'm all depressed at what American Idol did to country music and I flip the channel to ABC and watched a delightful hour of "Sons and Daughters." This is the best show I've seen on network television in a long time. We've been so friggin inundated with reality the last few years...this here show is like a touch of spring after a long, hard winter. It's gut busting funny but tender at the same time. Best of all, one of the actors in this ensemble is Max Gail, aka Wojo from one of the best shows of all time, "Barney Miller."

It may just be too good for network tv.

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