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Monday, April 03, 2006

Like My Pie, Like My Puddin', Love That Gal That They Call Sally Goodin'

Mr. Smiff and crew have returned from their weekend of gigs: First Mamaroneck, NY then down to Winchester, VA and last night over at Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

Having never been to DC, I'm not sure how Kennedy Center is set up, but, best I can gather, there were a number of stages going on at once. The guys drew a nice crowd and after they got over their initial "Oh my gawsh, we're playing at Kennedy Center" the mood relaxed so much so that it took on the appearance of a regular bluegrass festival.

If you've never had the experience of a bluegrass festival, they are just plain fun. People are known to get up and dance, if the spirit moves them and that's just what happened last night. An older gentleman was moved, probably by "Sally Goodin" (which even makes me, the non-clogger want to kick it up) to get up and shake a tail feather. Those Grascals are known for their energy and for having a ball while they're onstage. They have all sorts of inside jokes going on and they're always likely to make comments about this and that while in performance.

While the man was kicking it up, Mr. Smiff, forgetting that he was inside a government building, in the nation's capital, got to doing his usual thing and hollered "He's got a gun"....meaning "he's smoking...he's hot...he's happening." Thank goodness the airport security people weren't there or my old man might've joined such luminaries as Uncle Ted Kennedy smack dab in the middle of the No Fly list today. In fact, security was so not tight, he compared the one security guard to one from an Andy Griffith episode (the one where Barney was trying to catch the robber of the department store.)

I can't be the most objective when it comes to this group of pickers, but, they are something to behold. They play great, sing great and entertain. They'll be on the Tuesday night Opry tomorrow night, April 4. You can go see them for yourself or listen to them here.

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