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Friday, April 21, 2006

Poop, Mexican Music & Nice Neighbors

I like to think I'm on top of things....semi-on the cutting edge of most that's hip and happenin'. Apparently, this is not so because until this week I had never heard of Chicken Poop Lip Balm. I drove past Walgreen's earlier in the week and on the electronic sign, it said "Chicken Poop Lip Balm 3.49." Apparently, all the middle school kids know about it. They probably just like it because it has "Poop" in the title and gives them an excuse to say "I want some Chicken Shit Lip Balm."

Another great discovery this week....two things tonight at El Rodeo in Hendersonville. They had a fantastic Mexican trio "Trio Vendeval" playing and singing for our listening pleasure. You hear little bands like that here and there and they aren't that great, but, these guys.....talk about sing! Fantastic. They took requests and did a bangup job on "Before The Next Teardrop Falls" and other songs in spanish.

FYI.... Didja know that asking a Mexican group to do "Selito Lingo" (aka "ay yi yi yi") is like asking a bluegrass band to do "Rocky Top?" They kinda roll their eyes and say "Oh....ok...if you insist."

Mr. Smiff, who even though he makes his living playing music, but, yet, never listens to music because he wants to, was so into Trio Vendeval's singing...especially their three part harmony. He was throwing requests at them left and right.

Also while visiting El Rodeo, one of the best Mexican restaurants out here, we met our cross the street and down a little neighbors, Rebecca and Bob. Pretty sad we've lived here for 10 years and just now met them. What an adorable little couple. Very grandparently and sweet. Funny how you can see somebody from a distance, mowing their yard and what not, but, never see them up close and still recognize them. Rebecca and Bob are the kind of people, you talk to them 2 seconds and it's like you've known them forever.

I had met a down the street neighbor some months back, who had lived here for like 27 years, right before they moved. Again, sweet, sweet people and I found myself thinking, "I wish I'd have gotten to know her". Maybe I need to get out and meet the neighbors more.

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