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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Let Me Hear A Big "Hell Yeah" For the Redneck Girls Like Me

If we are to gauge how red we are about the neck area by Gretchen Wilson's little ditty, then I guess I have to submit my admission that I am officially a redneck woman.

No, I don't drink beer (maybe once a presidential term), I only use the term "yee haw" in jest, I do say "Hey Ya'll" with some frequency and I know words to a lot of Tanya Tucker songs and only one of Charlie Daniels'....but what includes me in this exclusive club is the fact that it is April 1 and our Christmas lights still adorn the front of the house. Yes, it's embarrassing and this is the very reason I don't want them up, even at Christmas. Here we are, lawnmowers going all up and down the street, the trees budding out, tulips blooming in all their glory, but, if I wanted to get a hint of Christmas spirit, all I'd have to do is turn those babies on.

I'd take them down myself, but, I don't do ladders. The question, at this point, I guess, is, should we just play along and leave them up and turn them on for the other holiday celebrations this year?


Anonymous said...

Sista, just leave them up. I like them.

Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

Raise hell with Mr. Smiff until he takes them down.

Christmas lights up past Jam 12th is my pet peeve. Of course, I'm OCD like that, my lights are usually down by the 26th. ;)