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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Nothing Stops the US Mail?

A couple months ago, Mr. Smiff was waiting on his weekly paycheck to come in. It usually comes in on the same day every week, but, this particular week, it didn't show. He called the Check Lady and she had sent it, still it never showed. In one sense, we didn't think anything of it since it's not unusual for something sent through mail to take days to get across town. In the other sense though, being we are not independently wealthy folk with no large inheritances to fall behind on and we haven't won the Powerball (yet), we needs our paychecks.

So Mr. Smiff made other arrangements and got his pay, all was well, the Wolf ran away, for the time being.

Last night, I had choir rehearsal for our Easter program coming up this Sunday and my friend/neighbor/Sista in Christ/Detective Becky mouths to me that she has something for me. I couldn't imagine what she would have for me but I got to thinking of possible scenarios in this "something" she had for me:

Maybe she had some cool shoes she had gotten and decided they were too small/big for her and did I want them?
A gift card to Best Buy for $10,000??
George Clooney called her and asked if she knew how to reach me?
A Tiffany Lamp?
A plane ticket to Maui?
Maybe she had uncovered bazillions of dollars either in her backyard or in her police work and the Lord had laid on her heart to share the love with her friend/neighbor/Sista Smiff?

Unfortunately, none of the above, however, it was something that was found near her yard.

Seems Detective Becky had gotten a knock on her door the other night at 11:00. Scared the you-know-what out of her, which surprised me because she's a cop and packs a heater. Her next door neighbor had found a piece of mail stuck in the fence and thought it might be hers (our street numbers are one digit off of each others). She saw the name on it and knew it belonged to her neighbors, the Smiffs.

Guess what it was.

If you guessed Mr. Smiff's check dated February 12, you win!

How in the world did it get there and how had it survived, in pretty good shape, all this time? We've had rain since then, snow, wind...One theory is that #2 Son, who loves to get the mail, might've dropped it...it could've dropped out of the mail truck and flown over to Becky's. I dunno.

Rain, snow, sleet and hail may not stop the US Mail, but the mail carriers sure can interfere with an important piece of mail getting to the right place on time.


DetBecky said...

Too good!! You should have been a writer. I read your previous entries and they are really good. I'm impressed

SistaSmiff said...

Word of warning...don't walk into a Steak N Shake nekkid in the vicinity of Franklin cause Detective Becky is on the case and will catch you.

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