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Monday, May 15, 2006

Family Sayings

I am not a political gal, however, I get extremely TICKLED everytime I see the commercial for Bob Corker for Senate. One, his last name is "Corker." (You think he hasn't heard some doozies of variations on his name through the years?!)

Two, the way his mother says "Cawkahs keep thay-uh wuuud."

I don't have any clue if Bob Cawkuh is Republican, Democrat, Branch Davidian, Scientologist or whatever, but tell me.....do families really have sayings like that? You know, "Kennedy's Don't Cry" (maybe they don't cry, but, they sho can throw 'em back some booze!) and crap like that?

At my house, if we had an official family slogan, it would run more along the lines of "Smiffs don't do today what they can put off til tomorrow."


Anonymous said...

Around here, it would be something like, "I'm sick and tired of asking you to .....". Oh, I guess that isn't a "saying" is it? But I say it all the time.

Kat Coble said...

Corker is a moderate Republican. I know this because he sends me junk mail every chance he freakin' gets. I get at least one piece a week.

I wish I had the $8.50 each piece cost in design, printing and postage. So far Corker's in to me for $17.00. Corkers may keep their word, but they are pretty free with their money.

Any family saying in this house would be "People are comin'--you better put on pants."

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