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Friday, May 26, 2006

Random ADD Thoughts and a Song For You

I've tried to talk to Mr. Smiff 14 times today and everytime, it's broken up and I hear the last word of every sentence he says.

The Hendersonville Utility District has this thing where they expect to be paid for use of their services. The Smiff's neglected to pay the bill and guess what happened? I got home and there was no water in the schpicketsch. I rushed over to the water company and I got there at 4:56. They close at 5. This is a good thing. Mr. Smiff was probably happy the cell phone service in Branson is so crappy. I've been such a joy for him to talk to on the phone while he's away the last couple days anyway. Heh. I'm also glad #1 Son knows how to cut the water back on out in the yard.

I've never been to a funeral home visitation with a husband/wife casket until tonight. I've also never seen a funeral home so packed with people as the Hendersonville Funeral Home was this evening. Charlie, Billy and Bettie had a lot of friends. That sorta screams volumes about what kind of people they were.

Whoa boy...Lisa Patton's getting all hyper and excited cause a starm is coming. Have you ever noticed how spastic she gets when it gets nasty out? God love her heart....Wait...shes one of them homeschoolers and I'm agin those. That's probably why she's so nervous. Wrangling those kids all day and then going to work to tell us what the weather's doing.

I'm kinda partial to Ron Howes when it comes to starm predicting. I think you need an air of calmness, yet, in control. Maybe Ron's wig is what keeps him so calm. Would be horrible if he pulled a Pat Boone and knocked that sucker off in the middle of telling us that a funnel could has been spotted in Big Sandy and that we are under the gun and we need to batten down the hatches. Actually, I've never heard Ron say either of those phrases, but, Lisa likes them. I think Ron has a policy that he doesn't say any cliched phrases on air. I also bet Ron has no sense of humor off camera and I bet Lisa appreciates the value of a good, dirty joke now and then.

My air conditioner is not working good. Of course, this couldn't have happened when we had the coolest May on record, no sirreee...had to wait til it hit 90 degrees.

Today was the last day of school in Sumner County. Oddly enough, two of the kids were a little down. The Dawta was sad because a friend of hers is moving to Brentwood and she's afraid she'll never see her again.

Best I can gather, #2 is sad because he will not be in Mrs. Smith's class anymore. #2 is ADHD and has a hard time expressing himself. You have to really dig to get any kind of details out of him. He was very weepy tonight and Mrs. Smith told me earlier she didn't think he felt good today. I think somewhere in his mind, the reality hit that he's moving on to third grade. Hoping and praying his third grade teacher is as patient as Mrs. Smith has been and will get him.

I don't have the slightest idea where #2 got his ADD from.

#1 made the highest grade in his math class on the exam today and aced all of his others. I did not see him once look at a study guide or open a book. He's a freak.

Here's you a song for a stormy night. This is so good, it'll make you want to slap your mama. Don't do that, but, you'll want to after you hear this. Linda, Dolly and Emmylou...if you don't think this is pretty...well, I can't hep you.

"My Blue Tears" - Linda Ronstadt:

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Sonia said...

LOL...omg, I've thought the same thing about Lisa Patton! She loves her a good storm!

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