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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


As Ceeelcee noted earlier, we're getting old. No, we aren't signed up for AARP yet or nothing like that, but, I see signs myself. In fact, just this very evening, at the Wal Marts, I had a vision of Sista Smiff as an old person..

I go in the Wal Marts and greet the greeter with a big how do ya do..."HEY!!!" I said to her, as though I had run into a friend. Actually, I'm such a regular there, they start to get worried if they don't see me a few times a week. She was just so glad to see me.

I was there because I can't find my keys and had to get a copy (or two) made, and there's always that problem I have of not being able to find my car in the parking lot.

I ran into my friends Rosie & Brian. I've been knowing this couple coming up on 20 years. I'm over there playing with the digital cameras (I'm going to cave here soon and get one) while #2 is trying to talk me into a $40 Optimus Prime kinda toy, and Rosie and Brian come and I turn and holler and say "Hey!" like I did to the greeter and take the little camera and snap a picture of them. Dangit....that's just such an old personish thing to do.

Brian comes over with their little son in the cart (they're some of those blessed later in life parents) and he and I begin to chat about my purchase...Acid Reducer.

"Now, I take Nexium", Brian says. "That's some good stuff."

I say "Yes, it is. I used to take it when it first came out, but, my insurance wouldn't cover it."

Brian and I discuss the high price of heartburn and reflux and I say "Hey, where'd Rosie go?"

"Oh...she had to go to the bathroom."

"Well" saith the Sista, "There's some things that just won't wait."

We covered our ailments and bathroom needs. My mother's favorite subjects. If we'd have stayed a few minutes longer, I'm sure we'd have discussed somebody who died, arthritis, the weather....kinda scary.

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