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Monday, May 01, 2006

Run Sista Run

It is now 10:24 pm and I have not smoked in almost 24 hours. I'm a pro at this quitting thing. I've done it many times and I always do it cold turkey. During the day is not a problem since I don't usually casually sit at my desk and smoke. (Amazing that there was a time you could actually do that?!) The hard part is the evening when I go to my night job: Home.

It's not because my kids are "bad." They really aren't. They're pretty typical, but, on nights like this where I have to stop at the doctor's office (a great way to spend an hour and a half), then run to the store and try to put together some sort of meal for supper; homework with #2 Son, whose Concerta has long since wore off; nighttime just seems to be the worst.

From past experience, I know that within about 48 hours, I won't have that "Dang, I want to smoke" thing. That usually goes away pretty quickly for me. I've had times I've gotten a little depressed those first few days, but, the key is getting through that first week or rather, those first nights of that first week.

The way I'm going to curb the withdrawals this time is the same way I did last time (there seems to be a pattern here) and that's putting my good running shoes I got at the Athlete's House after I had stuck with a running program for about 6 months, put those babies on and hit the road. I'm going to start badgering my running guru; I'm going to make the Faddists message board a favorite place again I'm not going to dwell on the fact I had worked up to a good 5 mile jog before Christmas and then different stresses that were going on at the time and I gave in to the Demon Nicotine.

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