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Friday, May 19, 2006

Whose Gonna Mow Your Grass?

The above title is more than a Buck Owens song, but my reality.

We have weeds. Not the kind you can smoke, but, the kind that grow in the yard and make your house look like Redneck Central. These flowerbeds are huge and the shrubs were ugly so we cut them down a few years back. Some sort of ivy has taken up residence and it has taken over the front and it's bigger than I can deal with. These are industrial strength

Mr. Smiff is not a handyman and this is his busy time of year so he can't deal with the clearing out of the flower beds, although he has claimed for a couple years now he would do it, don't hire somebody. This is why I was so surprised when he told me to see if Bubba can mow our yard this week and that I could get somebody to clear out the flowerbeds.

Bubba is a guy we've known for years through church, our kids go to the same school and he's been our regular mower before, but, we've done it ourselves the last few years. I've mentioned this bed problem to Bubba before and have called him to see about hiring him and his crew to take care of it. I'm getting the feeling Bubba would rather not deal with the Smiff Beds because he never calls me back on it. As much as I feel an allegiance to Bubba Cowan Lawncare, cause he's a good guy, I'm thinking I'm going to have to go in another direction to get this issew dealt with.

I look in the Hendersonville paper because I know there are a ton of yard guys out here and sometimes I see ads. Being the introvert who hates to use the phone, I see one with an email address (yay!) so I email the guy last night.

Now, I know yard guys work when there is sunlight and probably don't spend a lot of time in front of the computer. If I were advertising my lawn mowing bidness and I worded it something like call or email, I would make it a point to look at my email every night, just incase I had some inquiries. Yes?

I've made a couple calls and apparently, finding a yard guy is nearly as exclusive as a membership at the Belle Meade Country Club. They're not taking new customers.
So, if you know any yard guys, in or around Hendersonville, who would like to mow my yard, possibly a regular gig and can take care of my weed issues, gimme a holler.

***Update-I found a yard guy. He calls his company "Mow Town" and the name alone warrants at least an estimate. Too bad it's not Smokey Robinson or Tito Jackson. I appreciate the fact that the yard guy sees the importance in creativity in the name. He could've just called himslf "Sam the Yard Guy".

I need to do before and after pictures.


Granny Pam said...

I took a peek at the band schedule. Looks like you need a lwan boy bad. Good luck with that!

SistaSmiff said...

Ya know, I don't mind doing the yard and have, a LOT, but, I figure with me working full time, I can get a break with one of the duties.

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