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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Has Anybody.....

Seen my retainer?

#1 Son and I wore braces at the same time, came out of them at the same time. I've never known #1 to lose his retainer. I have no clue where mine is.

My bottom teeth, pre-orthodontia, looked a little like these. Maybe not quite as bad, but, bad enough. I would've thought the bottom teeth would've been the ones that would take a lot of time to fix, but, that was not the case. Apparently, my bite was really eschew and I wore the top braces a whole year before they even put the bottom ones on. I never had any trouble, pain or anything with the top ones, however, the first two weeks with the bottom ones hurt like the dickens.

With all the work #1 had on his teeth (two rounds of braces) and mine, I have paid for a couple years of college for Tommy Koen's kids. Not to mention that there are two more Smiff's in line for orthodontia. (A fun word to say, but, not as fun as persnickety.)

After a year and a half of wearing the thing, those teeth STILL have this urge to go back to where they were the first 30 or so years of my life. The first six months after I got the braces off, I had to wear the retainer 24/7, except when I was eating. I got so used to wearing it, I felt nekkid without it for the longest time.

Pretty sad my 14 year old is more disciplined than I....and a boy at that.

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SistaSmiff said...

Found my top retainer, but, no bottom one. I also found my missing keys.

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