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Monday, May 01, 2006

Staying Alive

Word is that the fantabulous Barry Gibb, newest Hendersonville resident, will be making an appearance at the United Way benefit at Hendersonville High School tonight.

I'm all about me some Brothers Gibb. I wish
Robin would show up and that Maurice hadn't died so I could hear the three of them sing "Words", "New York Mining Diaster", "To Love Somebody", "Gotta Get A Message To You", "Nights on Broadway," "Jive Talking", "Islands in the Stream" and all the Saturday Night Fever era stuff. Say what you want about the Bee Gee's, but, I absolutely love them.

I'd go to the benefit myself, but, I'm not feeling so hot. Maybe the fact I haven't had my
Levoxyl in over a week has something to do with it. I tried to call it into the Walgreens the other day and they inform me since my doctor ain't doctoring no more, my prescription is null and void, so, I have to trek up to the new doctor and get a new prescription. Great! I can't wait for them to weigh me and announce the number to me as loud as they can. Why do doctor's office nurses do that? Is it some sadistic streak in them??? Then, I'll get the thrashing about how I shouldn't smoke (I actually haven't lit up today because I'm going to start running again. Can't run and smoke at the same time due that asthmatic tendency I have). At any rate, I'm a little sluggish and don't think I can get my mojo on to hear Commander Gibb (he is a real Commander of the British Empire, so saith Queen Elizabeth. He'll be a Sir next, I bet. See, I've done my Bee Gees homework. I LOVE THEM!!) sing all on his own.

I'll be looking for Barry & Linda at Jaybird's, Lowe's, Wal Mart....Target...I bet Linda's a Target gal. A rich, classy, Edinborough gal like her probably doesn't hang at the Dollar General Market, but, then, who knows?!


J. R. said...

Do you think the Gibbs are Jaybird-types? Being music people, I'm thinking they are more Mason Jar. But I could be wrong

SistaSmiff said...

Not much difference in the two..same kind of food. I personally think the food is better at Jaybird's. They certainly give you bigger portions.

Mr. Smiff LOVES the Mason Jar. I like the food but its so cramped and uncomfortable to eat there. Could be cause I'm a little claustrophobic but I don't enjoy the dining experience there.

Being the Gibbs are British and have lived in Miami all these years, they may not like the whole meat and three thing.

I'm thinking a blog about Hendersonville eating establishments is in order!!

J. R. said...

You're absolutely right about needing a H'ville restaurant blog.

I have to say that I am a Mason Jar devotee. Part of that is probably because my family is quote-unquote "Old Hendersonville," and those types tend to be virulently pro-MJ, though I do know some Old H'villers swear by Blue Goose or Irene's. As an example, I've NEVER been inside the Blue Goose and I've only been to Irene's for breakfast (but not since MJ started serving b'fast). We do go to Jaybird's, but only because they serve catfish, whereas MJ does not.

This all goes to Hendersonville's big white elephant- the on-going Us vs. Them dispute between "Old Hendersonville" and those that have moved in from elsewhere. No one talks about it, not really, but it exists.

SistaSmiff said...

I miss all of the great photographs Ruby had on the wall at the Mason Jar.

I've never been to Irene's or the Blue Goose, but, Mr. Smiff has.

Hendersonville Bloggers....we need our own spot in the blogosphere.

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