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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jesus, Rock My Baby

I was a mess watching the news earlier this evening and an interview with Josie Keaton, whose daughter was killed in that horrible car accident yesterday on Long Hollow Pike. The whole thing just makes me want to be physically ill. Here, this family was planning for their daughter's high school graduation this weekend, instead, they'll be having her funeral.

I started to lecture #1 Son on seatbelts, not riding with somebody who's been drinking, etc. and he informed me they had that lecture in about 5 classes today and My Beautiful Dawta had it too. (The young lady that was killed was a former student at their middle school)

I'm about to go into the driving territory with #1 very shortly. This part of parenting is scary as hell, turning them loose behind a wheel of a car. Stuff like this horrible car accident makes me want to lock them all up and keep them right under my feet. They would hate that and I know that's not something I can do.

This will sound so corny, but, I will have to keep repeating to myself words of a song that Irene Kelley wrote that Cheryl and Sharon White of the Whites recorded years ago. When #1 was a baby, I would sing this to him, but, now, as he's getting older, it hits home even more. You'd think it'd be the other way around:

Jesus, rock my baby whenever I'm away
Keep him safe til morning light brings another day
Too soon he'll know the trials of a world grown cold
Jesus, rock my baby, be his hand to hold
I watch him while he's sleeping so innocent, so sweet
My labor is to love him and Yours his soul to keep

God bless these grieving families.

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