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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Fifth White

Usually, my Sundays (and weekends for that matter) are quite uneventful but today, I am most happy to report that I have something to tell. The Dawta and I went to the Skaggs' for a bridal tea for the adorable and cuter than cute Rachel Warren (her mom is the also adorable and cuter than cute Cheryl White of the Whites). Anytime you go to the Skaggs House, it's a fun time. That bunch is the happiest and funnest bunch of people to be around and you can bet, anytime you're at that house, there's bound to be some singing and today was no exception.

Molly Skaggs (Ricky and Sharon's daughter and Belmont student) and cousin Rachel sat down at the piano and blessed us with "Lord Most High"....then all of the White Sisters (including Melissa and Rosie) joined with Molly and Rachel and sang "Light Of The Stable" (who cares if it ain't Christmas) and it was just beautiful. A couple of other ladies took a turn and sang "He Touched Me" and "Light at the End Of the Darkness" and then Cheryl asked my sister in law, Marilyn to sing, which she did. Sharon was egging me on to sing with Marilyn on "Timberline" a rather obscure Emmylou Harris tune that I just happened to know. I was a wee intimidated to do that because dang, that room was full of some hellatious singers but then Cheryl took the lower part and I did the higher part and oh my gosh.... I know Cheryl was thinking "Forget that Emmylou girl and that ol' Alison...I am singing with the Sista." I just know that she and Sharon are tonight trying to figure out how they can bring me into the act and be their other sister. Yeah! They're discussing my awesomeness right this very minute. (Just let me continue my 13 year old fantasy here....this is my blog)

My sister in law...she has this remarkable, trained voice so there I sang with her and Cheryl....who has sung on the Academy Awards with Alison Krauss and then there was Sista Smiff. Hello? Which of these things just doesn't belong here...come on, can you tell which one???? It was like being in Hillbilly Heaven right here in the Hendersonville city limits. That was the best prescription for the PMS Blues I'm fighting and that Mr. Smiff is gone for another week and I've not been looking forward to being a single parent for the second week in a row.

Ya gotta understand that I've wanted to be a White since I was about 13, ever since I heard them sing with Emmylou on "Blue Kentucky Girl", "Roses In The Snow" and "Light of the Stable". In my dreams, I had three sisters and we could sing just like them. When other kids were headbanging in the 80's diggin them some Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, I was diggin the Whites. I've been fortunate enough to get to know these ladies and call them all friends.

Only in Nashville do you get to do stuff like that.


Busy Mom said...

What a blast you must have had!

saraclark said...

Is Rachel marrying Andy L?

I heard Ricky give him a hilarious(but deadly serious)lecture early on.

SistaSmiff said...

Yeah...they're getting married in June.

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