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Monday, May 08, 2006

Used To Be My Little Boy

A little sentimental today over my firstborn growing up on me. He's about to finish 8th grade and go to high school in the fall. He's a good boy that has yet to give us an ounce of trouble, makes good grades, loves Jesus, science fiction and video games. He had his first dance where he was actually with a girl this past weekend. Just wondering where the time has gone.

I've saved this email for a long time. It's dated February 2, 1999. Mr. Smiff took dictation from #1 Son, who was then 7 years old:

Are you happy right now?Can you one day go to get off of some day so you can
play with me one day. P.S. Be nice to daddy Love Tyler and Daddy

Wonder what he'd do if took off work and showed up at his school and to have lunch with him?!?! He probably would pretend he didn't know who I was or not speak to me for a very long time.

I can barely get him to talk to me on the phone and IMing is totally out. Boys just don't tell as much as girls about how they're feeling about anything. That's why this little email is so priceless to me.


Sonia said...

The girls at that age aren't very chatty either. Trust me :(

SistaSmiff said...

Til my daughter joined her brother at middle school this last year, I never knew NOTHING that went on but she has kept me fairly abreast of "stuff."

She rolls her eyes at me more though.

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