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Saturday, May 27, 2006


I have a word to say to the woman at the swimming pool today who was wearing a string bikini and is approximately 13 months pregnant: That is just plain WRONG.

This woman has a nice figure and it wasn't her stomach that was obscene. It was her mammary glands, which I know are getting primed and ready, but, the rest of us do not need to see that your top barely covered them.

I've been pregnant three times. I don't have issues with a pregnant body, although I'm not of this mind that women are at the most beee-yootiful when they are in that condition. I think we have that dang "A Baby Story" to blame for crap like this. This woman was not pretty and she should be severely punished for doing what she did. Thank goodness, I didn't see "Old Guy Wearing A Speedo" today. That's something else that should be against the law. The only people that look good wearing Speedos are Olympic swimmers. Got it guys? DO NOT WEAR A SPEEDO even if you do have a six pack. Just don't.

The Muffia's are staking their claim on the pool already. They were out in full force. I'm sure they noticed I didn't do such a great job shaving my legs. I only do in the winter what I have to get by with, but, that doesn't work so well once swimming pool season gets here. I thought I did a good job but apparently, my eyes are failing me.

And as I predicted, the pool had to shut down about 5 minutes after we left for it's first Kid Crap today. I'm really glad my children are potty trained. I would be so embarrassed if my kid was the reason the pool had to shut down on the first day it's open for the season.


Jamie said...

We experienced our first pool potty mishap last year and the crazy thing was the woman had the audacity to NOT CLEAN UP AFTER HER CHILD. My husband got up and finally started cleaning her kid's poop out of the pool and she got the hint. I was secretly glad it wasn't our kids who fouled the pool!

Michael said...

Speedos are for if you're swimming competivitely or training to swim competitively. And by competitively I mean the Olympics.

I am a lap swimmer and I do take the exercise seriously...but I also respect myself and others enough to now wear a Speedo.

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