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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Worth A Thousand Words

Almost a month later and the affects of April 7 are still all over my community and will be for awhile. I think, for a lot of those who were displaced, reality is probably beginning to set in somewhat and they're making decisions as to what to do next.

My daughter showed me this picture just a few minutes ago. It was taken in the front of my youngest son's (aka #2) elementary school, which is just on the Hendersonville/Gallatin line. About the time this was snapped, I'd say the tornado was pretty close, if not at Saundersville Rd., close to the Golden's home and to Station Camp High School and Knox Doss Middle School, where #1 and my girl were.

Still unbelievable.

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newscoma said...

That's just plain scary.

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