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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday today to niece Mattie!

Hard to believe Mattie is already a year old. Even my kids are reminiscing about the day they unextpectedly got out of school to go down to Centennial Hospital to await Mattie's arrival. The funny thing about being in the waiting room of Centennial, waiting on a birth, for me, was I had never been in the waiting room there cause I was always the one down the hall doing the birthing, so that was different.

Mattie has been quite the blessing for her parents. She came along quite late in life for them (Dad will soon be 50). She has two older brothers that are 22 and this year 20 and for her mom, she was her first child...a child she didn't think she'd be able to ever have. God's good and thank goodness He is not limited by our imaginations and what we think is possible.

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