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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Take A Walk...

I'm glad somebody listens when I give instructions. One of the bloggiest, CeeeLCee has shared some great memories of 100 Oaks Mall.

100 Oaks was, I think, the first mall in Tennessee. It was quaint and as you'll see at The Dry Spot, holds a ton of memories for lots of us who grew up in the Nashville area. Do yourself a favor and read his stroll down memory lane.


ceeelcee said...

Thanks for the link, Sista! It's cool to see that a bunch of us are about the same age and shared the same experiences.

On an unrelated note, do I remember something about you being related to a bluegrass musician that plays(ed) at the Sportsman's Grille?

Answer me via email if you want.

SistaSmiff said...

That would be my brother in law, who, I guess, still plays regularly down there. Mr. Smiff is known to join him, on occasion when he's in town. Are you a ragulah there?

Winston said...

I remember after I moved away and then came back to visit my folks in West Tenn, probably shortly after 100 Oaks opened, they insisted on bringing me to Nashville to see it. Being small town hicks, they had never seen anything like it. Of course by then I was real sophisticated, having been in school at what we called Big UT up in Knoxville.

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