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Friday, July 21, 2006

About Schmidt...Baby Talking, Etc

After all my yappin' about not wanting to go to the retirement reception of the Baby Talking Wady....I went.

My giggling commenced as I was standing in line, overlooking the shrine to Baby Talk Wady. Around these parts, people tend to go for the more subtle retirement, as in slip out the door, see ya later, kinda sublte. Not Baby Talk Wady. There were pictures, pictures and more pictures of her...there were flowers....books of letters....there was a real creepy element to it.

I was ready to do some snarky dawgin' with a few select others who also delight in the art of dawgin el snarko. I get there and nobody wants to dawg. They let me down. I was wishing I'd have stuck to my guns and skipped the soiree. I came to dawg, by golly and nobody wanted to play!

The Pervert Gentleman Formerly Known As My Boss delivered a lovely speech and then opened the mic to Baby Talk Wady. She gave the usual retirement speech, blah blah. Then she mentioned the girls she worked with and she made eye contact with me and said "Oh and all the others I've worked with through the years....If I was ever unkind to you, I'm sorry. I loved working with you all." Oh boy. Here comes the guilt.

I went to congratulate her and she grabbed me and hugged me....like...maybe...I meant something to her.

Bad Sista. Bad.

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