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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday today to #2 Smiff Boy!

I can hardly look at that first picture of the newborn #2 and not hurt. Look at the size of that head, would ya? Nearly 10 lbs of baby, no medicine, some brief, sorta scary complications but he's more than made up for the trauma from that day.

I wish everybody had the opportunity to meet this kid. Yeah, he's mine and all that, but, he's such a hoot to have around, the Grascals have nicknamed him "A.K." for "Ass Kick" cause he does. He's a wonderful little boy and I feel pretty blessed that, as big of a surprise as he was, that the Good Lord saw fit to send him to the Smiff House.

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy.



John H said...

As a guy who had a big head from day -1, I've often wondered what that was like for my mom..the pics are great. The smile on the middle one is priceless...and may portend trouble (c;

Happy B'day to your son.

ceeelcee said...

You went to the beautiy parlor the day before you gave birth?!

God bless Final Net.

Happy B-day A.K.

Busy Mom said...

Happy Birthday from one big headed baby to another!

newscoma said...

Happy Birthday, AK!
I bet you are one of the grooviest mothers evah!

Kathy T. said...

Happy Birthday #2! I feel your pain with two drug-free births (but neither were 10 pounders - eep!). But they are all worth it!

SistaSmiff said...

Kathy-I did not go unmedicated on purpose and would never recommend it. It all turned out the way it did, thanks to my doctor, Dr. Doogie Howser, MD.

Uncle Cee-I was determined that day when I went in for my appt that I was going to give birth. I about had to engage Doogie in a wrasslin match (he was young and by the book) but when all was said and done and #2 was ok and after what all hell I went to, Doogie said "I'm glad you were insistent on this and we got him delivered today." I hope Doogie learned from that that the mother's have a sense about things and to maybe listen to them and not pooh pooh what they say cause it wasn't in the book.

Oh...he was almost 23 inches long, too. He's very average sized now, thank goodness. I was afraid I might have a Ted "Lurch" Cassidy on my hands.

Sonia said...


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