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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Day Maker

Nothing quite makes your day like having an almost 13 year old girl call you at work and chide you because you "almost" threw her green pillow away. No "almost" about it. It was in the floor and looked like trash to me.

It is a hopeless task for me to attempt to clean out crap in the house because somebody ALWAYS finds something in the trash and they say "Why did you throw this away?" Never fails. I give up.

Fine. Just don't be embarrassed when I put us on that show "How Clean Is Your House" and those two British women show up wanting to have YOUR room on national television. Heh. All the kids at the Middle School should be very interested in that.


ceeelcee said...

My dad never played golf, but he had an old set of clubs in the attic that I borrowed to try to learn on. My Mom sent them to Goodwill where I had to buy them back three years in a row.

When I asked why she kept giving them away, she replied, "Well you didn't use them all winter."

So you never know what your kids really think is trash. But in retrospect, during some rounds I wish I'd left those darn clubs at Goodwill.

newscoma said...

Oh Sista,
I think you are the best.
Kids get all bent out of shape about things.
I think you are groovy.

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