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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Goodbye To The Great Pumpkin

I don't boast a green thumb, but, I do get some enjoyment out of watching things grow in my yard, be they in pots or whatever. I decided this year to plant some pumpkin seeds. We planted some years ago, when we lived at our former abode, and we had several nice pumpkins. Problem was, Martha Stewart here didn't know to put some straw under them so they wouldn't rot. Ya live and learn so I got some seeds and planted out in the backyard by the fence at a spot I knew the dogs wouldn't use to slumber in. (They love to lie in the flower bed, much to my dismay).

So I plant these seeds and this wonderful vine came up. #2 Boy was especially into it (older kids are way too cool for such, you know) and has been really helpful in making sure it has had plenty of water. I've Miracle Growed the Great Pumpkin vine a lot too. It was long and had a number of blooms on it already. We were pretty proud of our budding little crop. #2 and I have already been planning the jack 'o lantern faces we're going to do on our own, homegrown, special Smiff Pumpkin Patch.

You may remember the hiring of the yard guy, Mr. Mow Town. Mr. Mow Town is a nice fella and has done a pleasing job tending to the Smiff yard this summer with Mr. Smiff being gone so much and me working full time and just not feeling like dealing with it. (Yes, I'm aware I have a man-sized teenaged son who would be PERFECT to do the yard. Problem is, I can't get him pumped up about it and am too tired to participate in that argument). Mr. Mow Town is very reasonably priced and very dependable. He is quite pleasant and can kill a snake when called upon to do so.

Unfortunately, Mr. Mowtown doesn't know a pumpkin vine when he sees one. Yesterday, Mr. Mowtown did the Locomotion with his weedeater and our pumpkin vine is no more. I wanted to cry. It was a beautiful vine and I was getting quite attached to it. Thing is, the vine has been growing now for weeks and he never mowed it over. No, he waited until it was huge and THEN decided it was time for that pesky "weed" to go.

I don't think #2 is hip to the fact that the Pumpkin vine is history. I had a couple seeds leftover and went out this morning (about 5:30 to be exact) and put it in the grown so I'm hoping that there is still hope for the Great Pumpkin to rise out from the Smiff Pumpkin Patch.


newscoma said...

Mow Town killed the Great Pumpkin.
Your a good momma. I'm sure you can make it right.
If not, take everyone out for ice cream.
It works for the nieces.

jag said...

Oh, that's so sad. Poor #2. And poor Mama Smiff.

Blogarita said...

That Mr. Mowtown is whack!

saraclark said...

Can you blame it on the Japanese Beetles? Locusts? Maybe they just ate the vine overnight.

I've got a volunteer cantaloupe vine and I will share some cantaloupes for you to strategically place on your baby vine if you need them.

Milkshake said...

Good morning, Im sorry about ur pumpkin, cool lady. How did u get such a funky template???

SistaSmiff said...

www.zootsdesigns.com. She does Busy Mom's too.

The pumpkin vine is recovering and all is not lost. My other seed has sprouted so the Smiff Pumpkin Dream is not dead, yet.

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