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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The One Where I Talk About The President and Stem Cells

I was just reading Webslog (the blogger I've known the longest) and his post is so clever and well written, I'm still not sure if he's talking favorably about our President or not. (I will not slap your ass and call you "Skippy" however, I just might've in 1985) At any rate, it reminded me of a thought I've had all day.

I envy these bloggers that can talk so intelligently about politics and the state of things. I read them daily in hopes I shall grow more brains in this area, both the Lefties and Righties. I guess the fact that I'm a card carrying Southern Bapt-tiste automatically throws me on the Right team in most people's eyes anyway and that's alright. I love Jesus, even though I say "shit" here and there. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell embarrass me sometimes. Sometimes I wish they'd just jump on over to another denomination.

For anybody that gives a rip...here's how I feel about stem cells and what not:

I don't like abortion. I don't think it's a good idea and it certainly shouldn't be used for birth control. I believe that as soon as the sperm and egg say howdy, it's a person. Why? Cause Jeremiah 1:5 says that God knows us before we're ever in our mother's wombs. (However, I HATE the word "womb" and I hope I'm never called on to say it, say, outloud) That said, I think they need to keep abortions legal.

Had I gotten myself in the Family Way before I was a married woman (and praise be it didn't happen 'cause it sure could've) I don't know that as a teen, I could've gone to my parents and said "I'm pregnant." Even now, the thought of facing the Wrath of Barb makes me shudder. She wouldn't have gone ballistic, she just would've given me a blank, cold stare and not spoken to me for months. Thanks to The Barb, I'm still somewhat scared of my own shadow. I have a hard time consuming any sort of alcoholic beverage because I was taught, to borrow words from the Martini Ministry, that I would spontaneously combust upon ingestion of Bud Light. I still have to fight hearing my mother's voice in my head of doom and gloom, fear of living even now. At 16 or 17, I thought she was right about everything because she was my mother. I know better now but boy, at that time, I couldn't have faced her.

I like to think I'm raising my own daughter in a more communicative environment regarding such things and hope should she ever find herself in an impregnated state, that she could come to me and we'd deal with it. If she didn't feel she could cope with telling me and facing it that way and she chose to terminate the pregnancy, I would understand. It would make me sad, but, I'd understand. I would hope that there was a legal and more importantly, a safe way for her to deal with it. The thought of my beautiful baby girl having to go to some filthy place is more than I can even bear to think about, even hypothetically. Keep it legal. (You will never see me marching for abortion nor will you see me encouraging people to blow up an abortion clinic either)

This stem cell brouhaha....if they're cast offs from failed invitros gone bad, dang it, use them! I don't know how I feel about them creating embryos for that purpose but as Mr. Smiff keeps hollering at the tv, everytime it's talked negatively about, what if it were MY kid that needed it? I'm inclined to think I'd say "Screw that...give them live embryos, if that'll keep them alive." We're sorta selfish that way.

The thought that's been trailing in my head all day and I haven't heard it come up with the Talking Heads on the news (Mr. Smiff and Boy #1 are into some serious news watching, both the CNN and Fox variety with a little MSNBC thrown in for good measure)....Mr. Smiff always says to the tv (like it's going to give him a perfectly audible answer) when Bush talks about stem cells, "Wait til it's your kid."

Now, Bush had a sister, Robin, who died of leukemia when she was about 3. When this happened, the elder Bushes were somewhere around my age, not the bajillionaires they became later, but, both of thems Daddy's had lots of money. Barbara said herself in her autobiography that Robin got the very best care and treatment that was available at the time. Is our President trying to say that if stem cells would've been around at the time, and possibly could've been used to save his sister, that his parents (or had it been up to him) not have jumped all over that to save Robin? I doubt it.

Hell, I don't even know if stem cells can help Leukemia patients. I'm just surprised that none of the reporters have axt him that straight out. If say Jenna, during one of her drunken party binges, staggering around, fell out of a 3rd story window, paralyzing her, George would not want them to do everything they could do to get her walking again. The doctors say "A stem cell thing would fix her" I mean...honestly....would he say "Ethically, it's not good strategery?"

I probably shouldn't even be allowed to blog anything remotely political, especially at 11:40 at night. I'm not intelligent enough in daylight hours to ask such a question. I sure don't want to argue with nobody, especially Aunt B, Katherine Coble and Sarcastro. They would eat me for supper. Just that this thought has been in my head for a couple days now.


newscoma said...

This was extremely well-written and thought provoking.
I think you are in the majority. Not to right and not to left.
I am with you on the stem cell debate. If one of the nieces had a disease, I would want them to have every opportunity with all the research available for medical treatment.
I keep wondering how Nancy Reagan feels about all of this.

SistaSmiff said...

Seems like Nancy was all for it. I wonder how the Gipper would've felt about it.

Blogarita said...

Sista: I agree with you on the stem cell issue. As for posting on politics, I'm not comfortable with it, either. I like to keep in mind something Mark Twain once said: "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." LOL

Newscoma: I'm not positive on this, but didn't Nancy Reagan make a statement a while back that she is in favor of stem cell research, despite it going against Republican politics? I believe it was shortly before or shortly after Mr. Reagan died.

Sarcastro said...

I already ate.

Wasn't it cute the way GWB was kind of hiding behind all of those kids for the signing ceremony yesterday? Very nice.

Your POV on this is dead on. People have the luxury of being able to make a stand on things like stem cells or abortion without ever having to face the choice. It is easy to defend a bunch of embryos when it doesn't cost you anything. If your child's life is at risk, whole different ball game.

RLGelber said...

Well said sistasmiff!

Granny Pam said...

I think you a thoughtful person using "uncommon" sense to navigate difficult issues. You are clear thinking and gave a simple explaination, and I agree with you.

Aunt B said...

I promise, I will only eat you for lunch if my own life is in danger.

Kathy T. said...

You really are well-spoken on this issue and I found myself nodding along. I think the line in the sand for me was the partial-birth-abortions (which I found nauseating). But the embryos that are going to be pitched... use them. Use them. Use them.

webslog said...

As though you were looking for additional validation, Smiff, where you line up on abortion is, by my guess, where a vast majority of us so-called pro-choicers do ... to wit, "Abortions ain't for me, but it ain't for the state to decide whether or not they're legal or not." Unfortuneately, the most vitriolic of pro-lifers would have the media consuming public believe that not only do pro-choicers support a woman's right to an abortion, they think that abortions should be handed out at hospitals, drug stores and home & garden expos as part of the goody bags. Put another way ... one who is not explicitly Pro-Life must then be a) anti-life or b) Pro Death.
The fact is the world is a tough place and people are called upon sometimes to make reeealy tough,Sophie's Choice-level decisions ... as we call it in the WebSlog household "the least sub-optimal choice."

Thankas also for your kind words on my post and that you almost didn't know which way I was coming down on the President. Satire has never been my strong suit.

JD said...

This raging liberal started to gear up for some words halfway through, but wrong was I. Kudos for eloquently making some good points. Makes me feel all the more shallow for sticking with anecdotes about bad tv and drunk chicks while avoiding politics.

Sonia said...

I agree with your view on stem cell research. I don't think I'd like the idea of them making live embryos to disect...but using the ones that are already there, and will never be "hatched", that's a ok with me. IF stem cell research can cure even one disease, or make one disease a little more manageable, it's worth anything.

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