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Saturday, July 01, 2006

It's A Bloggin' Thang

Now that I'm into this bloggin' thang, almost everything I see, hear, etc. gives me the thought of "Oooh I can blog about this!" Such as this evening at the Wal Marts.

Looking in the shampoo aisle, I'm looking for my little shampoo and out of the corner of my eye, a young lady walked by in white and I thought to myself "She looked like she was wearing a wedding dress." She walked back by and sho nuff, she had on a wedding dress and she was followed by her new husband, still decked out in all his wedding finery. A cute, young couple they were, of course, being I am who I am, I called the kids over to see them and made a small spectacle out of them. (Small spectacle...not really obnoxious or nothing) The new Mr. and Mrs. kinda dug it and were all smiley.

I tried really hard to see what they were buying, because I am nosy and was just kewuss (the way they say "curious" out in Carolina where Mr. Smiff comes from) to find out what in the world would cause a couple, fresh from the churchhouse to stop off at Wal Mart before going on to do their marital, wedding night obligations. All I could see was the bride had some face wash kinda stuff and she kept walking back and forth and the Groom was looking more anxious the longer the Bride was taking to get her items. He had some bidness to take care of. I hope they got on their "marry" little way...heh.

My former next door neighbor met her husband at Wal Mart. They were both working in the pharmacy and they met and fell in love over the drug dispenser. She likes to say "You can get EVERYTHING at Wal Mart."

Maybe Santa Smiff will get me that digital camera before long. Stuff like that needs to be documented so it can be shared with you, the blogging public.


Kerry Woo said...

Only at Walmart! Great story...

I had a bizarre evening at Target - http://wonderdawg777.blogspot.com/2006/07/customer-service-heaven-and-hell.html

See what happens when bloggers get out in public? There's a lot going on!

Sonia said...

Ya meet some freaks at walmart. I have tried to stop going...but I think walmart injects you with some type of drug when you walk thru the doors. That sweet lil ole lady/man that greats you? He/she's just mesmerizing you with kindness while they shoot you with the drug filled laser ::: nods :::.

Malia said...

So I was in Wal-Mart up in Pottstown, PA last week and I was lookin' for some snacks for the trip home when I heard this W-M employee bitchin' about the way another employee had done some task. She kept sayin' it had been done, "the redneck way". I was so glad at that very moment that there was no discernable to way to tell that I was from TN and not PA because I was skirred that if she knew there was someone from true redneck country standing right there listening to her tirade she would turn and beat the red out of my neck!

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