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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not One To Go 'Round Spreading Rumors

I just can't get enough of this Ginghampalooza that is Hee Haw. I mean, what other show has an instrumental, featuring Roy Clark of course, with a steel guitar AND a tuba??? Huh? HUH?

Charlie McCoy...the little harmonica player. Great musician. Apparently, not a great husband. I know his former wife, the mother of his children. They divorced many years ago and one time, I asked her if Charlie remarried ...her answer? "Oh yeah. He's been remarried a long time. Might as well have....he'd only been DATING her for 10 years!"

Say what you want about Hank Williams, Jr. I bet he's the only guest that ever did an armpit fart on "Pfft You Were Gone."

Surprise..Roni Stoneman did not get better looking with age. She did, however, get that cocked eye fixed, thanks to one June Carter Cash. Pretty sweet of her...didn't help, sadly.

Besides starting that backwards overalls fashion craze, Buck Owens appeared on my most favorite game show?

With a war going on, what the world needs now is more eefin' and eyefin'.

Those people on Hee Haw shore nuff had them a good gig. They'd come to town twice a year, tape for a couple weeks and it made them all pretty wealthy folks.


Blogarita said...

We caught the last two episodes this afternoon; the only chance all weekend we got to sit and relax for a while.

Seems like I read somewhere that Hee Haw was supposed to have been a country version of Rowen & Martin's Laugh-In and no one ever expected it to become the huge hit it was.

It sure is korny, but fun to watch.

saraclark said...

Jerry Clower still hurts me. His stories are such a part of my childhood. I was laughing and crying, horribly embarrassed and still greatly amused 10 seconds into his first story.

I really wish they had backed up a few years into the late '70s era. I liked those better than the slicker '80s versions. Still it was like a throwback time capsule to some "You are So Nashville if.. moments and culture of the times.

Granny Pam said...

Saw Ronnie Stoneman a couple of weeks ago at Mountaintop. Now, she may not be the best looking thing, but she knows how th get a laugh. I wonder if that banjo weighed more than she did?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, quit picking on the banjo player!!! They can't help it.-grin-

Though she was never a beauty contestant and was not built anything like those HHHs, I still have always loved her and admired her playing and comedian skills. I actually got to meet her one day in Legends Corner on Broadway there Nashville where we both were enjoying some music. Also got my pic made with her outside. May have even flirted a little..-grin-

Yeah, I'm a pervert...


SistaSmiff said...

Jerald...flirting with Roni Stoneman..lawd help us.

She told me one time she had her uterus bronzed cause she had so many kids.

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