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Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Can of Whiff-Ass

To my three-doors-down-neighbor-(or your guest, if that is the case)...

A little bit ago, when you got out of your pool and ran around to the back (on the side facing my back door) in your cute little towel, behind the bushes, thinking nobody saw you take that nice, long leak...guess what? I sawr you. Just be glad I don't have that digital camera or you'd have been whiffed.



Anonymous said...

The funny part, is that this could have been posted on Craig's list under Missed Connections....written with a GREAT BIG GRIN!!


newscoma said...

Best Title for a post ever.

Kerry Woo said...

OK, I'm chipping ten bucks to raise money for a digital camera. Let the fun (d) - raising begin!

Sonia said...

LOL...classssy. I guess walking that extra 10 seconds in the house would have been too much to ask huh?

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