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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Be On The Lookout...

My friend, the Old Fart In Training, has a nice post about his first car "stereo" that he had in his Monza (I forgot about those) today.

When I think about my first car stereo, I have to giggle. One, it was most likely a crappy stereo, but, it played cassettes nicely. Speakers? I could hear just dandy. The car itself was a jewel among jewels in the car world....a maroon, 1979 Grand Am. Yee haw.

When I was in high school, I came out to my car one afternoon and noticed something was amiss in my grand vehicle. Somebody had done broken in and tried to abscond with my awesome stereo!!!

I summoned the law. The law showed up and did a report. Our tax dollars at work and surely they would capture the mongrels that attempted to take my fine specimen of a stereo.

The next week, in the Police Blotter of the Review Appeal (or was it The Williamson Leader?) they told of how "Sista Smiff's car was burgalarized in the parking lot of Franklin High School. The victim reported her knobs had been stolen." It did too say that.

Last I heard from my Franklin Detective friend, Detective Becky, 20+ years later and the Franklin Police force is STILL on the case.

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Blogarita said...

I hate it when my knobs go missin'.

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