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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Happy Homewrecker?

I'm beginning to think the fine folks at XM Radio and Sirius are onto me. Without giving my secrets away, I listen to them faithfully at work and enjoy every minute of it. Alas, I wasn unable to listen today. I was quite sad about that. I was forced to listen to Real Radio (as in a real radio with knobs and arythan. Just like real people do) Posted by Picasa I'm here to tell ya, people....radio is in a sad state. It's ugly. It's sad.

Being that I'm in a downtown Nashville building, it's hard to get good signals. I've been forced to listen to Mix 92.9....aka Dentist Office Radio. I like me some Phil Collins, Lionel Richie (from his hit machine years), Sheryl Crow, etc. It just aint the same as satellite.

Mix 92.9 has weather girl Nancy Van Camp from WSMV give the weather every little bit. I think Miz Nancy is THE Whitest Girl in Nashville. I mean, she is the most perfectly articulated, whitey white gal around. She reminds me of Sue Ann Nivens, the "Happy Homemaker" of WJM TV in Minneapolis. (For those born after 1975, WJM is a fictional tv station). Maybe its the dimples.

Wonder if Nancy is like Sue Ann and has the hots for say...Dan Miller or Rudy Kalis?? Oh, wouldn't it be fun to know the Newsroom Dirt?!?!?!? I wish my friend Betty still worked at Channel 4. Maybe Lindsay knows some good stuff!


Frank Strovel III said...

I work in terrestrial radio and totally agree with you. Thank you, big corporations for ruining everything.

I got my SIRIUS radio in February and I love it.

My cousin, by the way, does weeknights on XM's 80s channel.

Kathy T. said...

Awwwww...no radio? I usually bring my CD's to the office and listen on my computer! It only gets ugly when I try to sing-along.

newscoma said...

I have to listen to my employees all the time, because they always need something.
Yeah, it ain't always fun.

Ryan said...

I've had the biggest crush on Nancy Van Camp since moving here. Since I've stopped stalking Ashley Judd, and realized that Emmylou Harris would find me boring, I've dedicated my occasional free time to learning whether or not Nancy is a beer-lovin', whiskey-swillin' lover of all things inappropriate. In my fantasies, she most certainly is. Thanks for the pic--and please excuse me for a moment...


SistaSmiff said...

There's things about XM I like better and then there's things Sirius has I like better. I do find they do tend to play the same songs (at least on the country channels and 70's channels) but its still better without commercials.

I love having somebody comment on my site that has a III after their name.

Oh Ryan-I went to junior high with Miz Judd.

I'm back on Sirius. Praise the Lawd.

Kerry Woo said...

Doesn't Nancy remind you of Annie Lennox? "Here Comes The Rain Again"...

Ryan, as for your crush on Nancy -
She might want to:
...walk in the open wind
... talk like lovers do
... dive into your ocean

but -

Is it raining with you???

Suburban Turmoil said...

Nancy's got a man. And it's not a news man. There is seriously (and unfortunately) no gossip about her. None. Except- did you know she's really, really tall? She's like an Amazon, a very pretty Amazon.

And her diction has always astounded me. She is the diction to my posture. Together, we would make the ultimate schoolmarm.

SistaSmiff said...

I figured there was nothing to tell on her. She seems so stinking perfect...cept she looks like Sue Ann.

J. said...

OMG. No gossip on Nancy? Hello? Are we talking about the same Nancy Van Camp? The one who insists upon her own special light to help reduce the wrinkles in her face? Ask any crew member about the Van Camp Light.

She's a witch to work with... quite the diva, only she doesn't have the credibility that Demetria does to be able to get away with it. The studio guys hate her. The other weather folks laugh at her. At one point she was having a hot and heavy affair with the head of the Art department (back before she got married) and really turned up the bitch factor. They broke up and she shortly thereafter got married to someone else.

So... I'm not a fan, can you tell? LOL. She does have a nice voice for the radio. However, work with her for four years, it becomes nails on a chalk board.

BTW, I have both XM and Sirius and hate Sirius's New Country channel. BLAND! About all I can stand to listen to on Sirius is Radio Margaritaville. But it could be said that I'm biased.

Former Channel 4 Employee
Current XMSR Employee

P.S. Frank - your cousin should have given you the XM Friends & Family Discount!

SistaSmiff said...

I love The Roadhouse. Love Charlie Monk but then again, he's one of those people I've known since I was an embryo and there's quite a bit of sentimental factor with him. I'm really into Sirius' 70's channel because of Greg Brady hosting it. I have to say my favorite on XM is the channel that plays those interviews that Bill Anderson does. Hanks/Willie's Place is good, except when they play Johnny Bush every other song. I'm surprised how the channels I listen to on both play pretty much the same songs. There's good stuff that XM leans toward that Sirius doesn't do as much of and then there's good stuff Sirius does that XM doesn't.

I do love both the XM and Sirius, even though I wish they'd both mix it up a little. Still....it's all better than regular radio. I'm probably a lot snottier and critical about radio/personalities than most so my opinion probably isn't valid.

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