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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Enjoy Being A Girl!!!

Today was that lovely day all us girls get oncet a year when we get to go strip down and put on the lovely, paper-towelish gown, scoot to the end of the table...yes...the yearly gynecologist visit. It was a blessing, although my experience today was nothing like Plimco's visit last week. I did notice Dr. Richards did not have anything resembling wipes laying around. I bet she's probably had patients learn the hard way that those are NOT personal wipes.

All the equipment is in good working order, although I was reminded I'm a little anemic (knew that) and that I should get my PCP to put me back on Iron pills. Ain't doing that. Last time I took those things, they made me soooo friggin sick. Dr. Richards said to tell them to give me something else. A little gun shy of that.

OH! The best part about the whole Girlie Doctor visit. As if Pap smears and Pelvic exams aren't enough to strip me of my dignity...I was informed today that it's time........drum roll please.....I'm at the age I'm supposed to get mammograms now. Somebody give me an Amen! I knew this was coming. They recommend between 35-40 to have them and lucky me, I fall right smack dab in the middle of it.

I know I should be grateful for these tests and things because they've saved many a life, but, I'm not looking forward to the Big Squeeze. I'm sure I'll have good blogaterial come Friday, though.

I think they should come up with a Man-O-Gram and check mens parts thataway. High time they suffer as much dignity loss as we do. I just hope the day I'm there is NOT the day one of the news channels show up doing a story on women and mammograms and get a shot of me at the machine. I always wonder who those poor women are on those things. I just know it better not happen Friday.


newscoma said...

Yes, men need this exam.
Lordy, yes.

ceeelcee said...

I've always said that if men were subject to mammograms or childbirth, Congress would allocate a significant part of the defense budget to finding less painful ways to do both.

Not that I'm advocating any part of the above paragraph.

Hope to see both you and Ms. Coma (and Snarky Squirrel) in good health and heartiness tomorrow night at Wolfy's.


Kat Coble said...

email me please.

I have some questions about your doctor, because I'm looking to find a new one.

newscoma said...

I'll be there, CLC and Sista.
And the Snarky Rodent too.

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