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Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Thursday Morning Ponder

I'm beginning to think that Christie Brinkley is turning into something of a Liz Taylor or a Tammy Wynette. She and her fourth husband are splitting up and one begs the question: What's the problem here? Is she just chronically prone to picking the wrong guys? Is she too high maintenance, difficult to live with?

Here you have a very attractive, succesful woman. It would be assumed she's doing ok financially with that pretty lucrative supermodel career she had, alimony from Billy Joel, and that thing she sells with Chuck Norris and all. She appears to be somewhat intelligent. She is kinda like Lorrie Morgan and has a big ol' throwdown wedding everytime she walks down the aisle. Maybe she gets bored with them?

Everybody's entitled to make some marital mistakes. We learn from those mistakes, yes. But after four husbands, I just wonder what her deal is. I won't lose the first bit of sleep over it. Just typical of things I waste my time pondering.


Rex L. Camino said...

I have a great aunt who has been married either 12 or 13 times. We're not really sure. She was a professional piano player and comes from the Sam Phillips side of the family.

She's an interesting woman.

Chez Bez said...

She just hasn't met the right Chez Bez yet.

Christie Brinkley, not Rex L. Camino's great aunt.

Blogarita said...

It does make you stop and think, huh?

Sonia said...

She was married to billy joel for a long time right? Sounds like she needs to be single for a while. Some women HAVE to have a man. Sad.

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