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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Then You'll Begin To Make It Better

Part of the fun of blog reading is finding new blogs. I've talked about my love for Blogarita, who has become a pal. Blogarita has some cool friends, one of which is Dave the Voice Over Guy, who has to be one of the funniest fellers out there. Through Dave's blog, I've found Lightning Bug's Butt and Redneck Nerdboy.

Redneck Nerdboy said the sweetest thing about his wife. Even though he looks like somebody I know named Ron that's a goofball, he has a great blog. He's got him a little thing going at his blog that intrigued me, so I thought we'd whiff something a little different around here today. I'm going to do something I rarely do around here. A meme!!! Whee for meme's. Play along, will ya?

Three Things I Can Do To Make A Better Me
1. Get my hiney back out there and start running again.
2. Not get all happy and excited when I hear "Thank God I'm A Country Boy."
3. Go to the movies more.

Three Things I Can Do To Help All of You Or Somebody Who Needs Help
1. Try not tell my teenaged son he needs a haircut everyday.
2. Not imitate my 13 year old daughter when she says "Mom-uuh".(At least to her face)
3. Watch more Huckleberry Hound and Quick Draw McGraw with #2 cause he likes it when
I do that and we laugh at Snuffles The Hound Dog when he gets his dog bis-kits.

Three Things I Can Do To Make A Better World
1. Eat more barbecue
2. Ride the bus to work. (Ain't gonna happen, but, it's a nice thought)
3. Vote for Rex L. Camino


Blogarita said...

I can't resist a post titled with a Beatles lyric.

Thanks for the linkage. I'll play soon's I come back from my hiatus.

Dave Morris said...

Start running? Yep, I gotta do that too. In fact, right this second I'm hitting the treadmill. Thanks for reminding me.

And the accolades aren't deserved, but so much appreciated. I'm now a steady reader of yours for similar reasons.

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