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Monday, July 10, 2006

Ixnay on the Aby-Bay-Alk-Tay

I am a bad, mean, horrible, terrible, person. I just am.

This woman I used to work with is retiring. They are compiling a book of letters for her. I refuse to send her a letter. Why? Because she talks baby talk and thinks its cute. It ain't.

They're having a party for her at the end of the month. I got my invite in EARLY JUNE. I ran into her in the cafeteria not long ago and she said "Are you comin' to my party, Shawan?"

Heh. Nope. Ain't going.


newscoma said...

Well good for you for not being a hypocrite.
I really think that's cool.

ceeelcee said...

I SO admire you for your consistency. I'd have knuckled under big time.


John H said...

I admire your fortitude. I'd give in and go to the shindig for the food. I hope I'd have the guts to say something in baby talk AT the 'do', but I'm just a wuss when it comes to stuff like this.

Way to take a stand!

Kerry Woo said...

Mentally changing her diapers would be too much fo' me...

You should encourage her to start a blog, "Aby-Bay-Alk-Tay starring ______ "

SistaSmiff said...

Well, we'll see if I can hang tough. I have this issue (and need a tissue) in that I'm so transparent and don't hide my emotions well, be they good (it's pretty obvious when I'm happy) and then it's really obvious when I'm annoyed at somebody.

This ol gal is one I never have hid it well with. I ripped her to shreds one time and my boss made me say "Sorry" to her. This was years ago when I was, hopefully, less mature than I am now. I've just kinda learned to hush.

Chez Bez said...

You're so mean. But with baby-talking, it's understandable.

We don't even talk baby talk to our babies in this house. You're cool in my book.

SistaSmiff said...

I never did with my kids either.

jag said...

I talk baby talk to my dogs. Am I horrible?

"Shawan". I'd slap a bitch. That's obnoxious.

Kat Coble said...

At my last office job, a group of several people spoke baby talk CONSTANTLY.

It got to the point where (about 2 months before I quit) I actually said--in a meeting, in front of the president of the company--that I refused to continue in the meeting for one more minute if the baby talk didn't stop.

They'd been doing it for so long they didn't realise they did it.

What was worse is that it began as a "comedy routine" where they were mimicking on of our buyers (who was born in India.)

Nothing is more adorable than racism-based speech impediments.

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