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Friday, July 14, 2006

Praying For Porter

Frank at Left of the Dial is talking about how Porter Wagoner was taken to the hospital today. We don't yet what's going on with him, but, I do know that he did have prostate cancer in the last couple of years. Hopefully, it's not something related to that and he'll be ok. Porter is a treasure and a uniquely Nashville icon.

I told the other day at Metroblogging one of my favorite moments...ever...regarding Porter. Another one occurred last summer when the Grascals were on the Opry. I was trying to take a picture of the Wagonmaster with the boys and didn't turn the stupid camera on. Porter, in his West Plains, MO drawl said "You might arta turn it on, hawney." Notice they're laughing. Yes, it was at me, not with me. No, I wasn't embarrassed.

Mr. Smiff is even in the picture Frank has up.


Kathy T. said...

Hope he gets well soon! I love your story about not having the camera on!

newscoma said...

I know some saucy Porter stories.
I loved the suits. He should get as much attention as Elvis did for his hillbilly bling.

SistaSmiff said...

Well...you know what they say about Porter, dontchya? This is a family blog and all, but.....

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