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Monday, July 10, 2006

Just Follow The Stairway...........

I am pretty good at mimicry. I don't know where this "gift" came from, but, it's a fun one to have (yet another gift I have that has done me absolutely NO good in life). Some of my specialties are Edith Bunker, New Yawkas, sometimes British sometimes just the people around me in real life, I'm really good at imitating.

I just discovered a new one. I've got this weird allergy/chest/sinus issue and it's making me a little hoarse. Not gravely hoarse like Lauren Bacall, more like I got something standing on my chesteses.

I've got Sirius on, listening to Charlie Monk (aka "The Mayor of Music Row") and he played Tammy Wynette's "Apartment #9" a few minutes ago and I'm sangin' along, as I do, and with my weird chest thing....dang if I got the "teardrop" thing going where she goes "And the sun will never shine in apart (insert teardrop here) ment number nine." Kinda hard to explain.

I'm certainly not claiming the range that Tammy had in her heyday. No sireee. I just didn't know I could add Tammy to my voice collection. Don't take much to excite me.

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Onetallmomma said...

I'm a terrible mimic, but I sure do love to sing along to those great old songs. My kids suffer through....

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