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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blue Jean Jesus

My Coon Ass cousin Kelly (she really isn't. I've always wanted an excuse to use "coon ass" in a blog post) asked where I would suggest going to get a good view of the fireworks Downtown. I suggested they return to their nice, air conditioned, hotel room, turn the tv on Channel 4 and voila! Happy 4th of July! I do hope the Cousins found them a place to see the display. It was quite fantastic, especially with the music and all. I do love Ronnie Milsap.

I went down to the Riverfront once to watch the whole fireworks thing and I swore I'd never go back down there. That was 1988 and so far, I've kept my word. Maybe it was the heat, the crowds, the claustrophobic tendency or perhaps it was just the company I was in.

This was the era I refer to as "The David Era." David (as much as I'd love to give his last name and embarrass the hell out of him on my national blog, I'm a nice person and won't). I was dating David, the accounting student at David Lipscomb. David, the needy, leachy, piece of slime that he was. What I remember about that night was me singing along with the music (as I'm prone to do) and him telling me to shut up. That'll kill a mood. This was the same swine that informed me a few months later, that not only had he been seeing someone else, she was carrying his baby. "No, I don't want to date other people." HA. Whatever.

Funny thing...a couple years ago, I was participating in a Bible Study and low and behold Mrs. David was in the same study. She thought I knew her husband casually. Heh. Oh, I knew him casually, alright, as well as biblically and every other way. When she finally figured out how well I knew her old man (he's turned into his father. His father of the womanizing, gold chain, sexist, prejudiced variety. This pleases me) she starts in on what a "perfect" husband he is. How she felt like "Sometimes I feel like I'm married to Jesus walking around in blue jeans." Say WHAT???? Poor thing. I do hope ol Dave turned into a faithful kinda husband and father. She seemed like a sweet person and he does have a lovely family but Jesus?!?!?!!?

Time puts things into perspective and I must admit, nearly 20 years later, my motives for dating him weren't the purest or best. He was not a bad guy. He was just not worthy of getting what he got from me. I hope my daughter is a little more picky in choosing her first.

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