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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Let Freedom Ring

We had the rare treat last night to eat and visit with my cousin Kelly and her family visiting from Lafayette, Louisiana. She's not a relative that passes through much, nor do we get down her way very often (once in the last 20 years) so it was wonderful to see her. She has a wonderful husband, who I just met for the first time and her children are really adorable.

At almost 41 years old, she is the mother of a 4, 2 and 1 year old. She shore does have her hands full. I, too, have three children, two in pretty close order, but, I was 23 and 24 when I had them. I don't believe I could handle little bitty ones at my ripe old age now. I guess I could if I had to. She has a lovely family though and I'm grateful that we are able to visit for a couple days.

I've talked about this part of my family before and how close they are to my heart. This is why I'm a little broken this morning thinking about her brother, who is in a bad way. Buddy is fighting for his life and it's not cancer or an illness like that, but, rather a drug addiction. Every kind of drug one can imagine, he has used and it began, not when he was a teenager, but, rather when he was in 2nd grade,te same grade my youngest son has just completed. Hard for me to fathom an 8 year old smoking pot (and this was the 70's!) but that's when it started and now 30 years later, it has caused him to lose everything and he doesn't have much left to lose.

His wife left him (again) with their two young boys and I can't fault her for that. Buddy lives and runs in a dangerous environment. Whatever money he makes or gets his hands on goes for drugs. He loves those little boys, though. So much, he walked the 30 miles to where they live on Father's Day so he could see them. His wife would take him back if he would quit using and get help. So far, he's refused help. He has been in and out of jail and there is a warrant out, at this moment, for his arrest. His sisters would rather him be in jail than out because a week he spent there recently, he was not able to use. They know he's fed there and although it's not the best place to be, it's better than the street.

Crystal Meth is causing him to lose his teeth and causing sores to break out all over his face. His wife says she'll take him back if he'd quit using because she loves him. He doesn't think he needs professional help. He's wrong.

His mother, who died last year, claimed, even on her deathbed, that Buddy will rise above his addiction and that God will use him and his life for His good. I believe with all my heart that God is big enough to do this. I believe that's the only thing that can save him, at this point. I am praying that Buddy will reach up from the bottom and seek help. I'm just afraid he doesn't have a lot of chances left.

Today is Independence Day and while I'm so thankful for my freedom as an American, I'm praying for my dear Buddy's own independence and freedom from the slavery and bondage he's in so he can experience life at its fullest.

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newscoma said...

We have gone through this in my family. I wish you and yours the best of luck.

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