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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Almost Her Time

It's beginning to look like my 15 year old dog's time is about up.

This morning, Chloe is not eating, not moving much and at this moment is staring at her bowl of water, taking sips now and then. She's not wimpering or anything but it's not like her, when the food comes out, for her not to attack it and then tell the other dogs when they may eat. She has thrown up once and her food is just sitting there.

Mr. Smiff cut her hair a week or so ago and we were able to see how thin she is. Even though she has been, up until today, eaten really good, apparently, she's not holding her weight.

If I take her to the vet, they'll want to put her through a bunch of tests, which, frankly, I can't afford and don't really see the point in putting a 15 year old dog through. I guess I know what I need to do. I guess I need to just call them, ask their over-the-phone opinion and do what needs to be done.

I hate this.

***Her little nearly blind eyes are telling me that she's ready. I called our regular vet and they said they can't see her today unless I want to drop her off. Um, no thanks. I called Dr. Flatt's office and they said to bring her at 11:30. She's so thin, I'm afraid she'll break if I try to pick her up.


chrisyub said...

ugh. i'm sorry.

ceeelcee said...

Hi Sista,

RUABelle and I went through this with our wonderful 15 year old dog last November. I promise the relief from helping her out overcomes the dread of having to actually make the preparations.

Great dogs have a way of letting you know when they're ready to go and it's just another way that they are trying to make you happy.

We'll be thinking of you.

Busy Mom said...

*puts fingers in ears and says, "la, la, la...I can't hear you"*

One of our dogs is 17, and, we're probably not all that far behind you in this process.

I'm so sorry.

newscoma said...

My sister has a 16 year old dog, quite incontinent, deaf yet is still milling about.
It's a matter of time, and my hope is that my sis won't find her if anything should happen.
Honestly, I hope its me that finds her so I can save her from this.
Here's the thing, my mother died seven 8 years ago, and she gave sis the dog for her college graduation.
It will be a sad day.
We are thinking of you. I know this isn't fun.

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